Gold and Platinum

It is applied with a liquid gold and platinum brush that provides the eye-cathching glow it gives to the glass.
It is suitable for oven regime with wide temperature range (540 - 610). It maintains its shine on the applied surface.

Direct Print

Direct printing gold by silk screen print method which can give all kinds of patterns to the glass provides a bright reflection and homogeneous image.


It is sticked to the glass as a decal method which is applied to the decal paper with the silk screen printing method.
It preserves its appearance for a long time thanks to its brightness and dishwasher resistance.


Luster paints which from a thin colored line on the glass reflect a transparent and bright appearance on the surface.
It can be applied with a brush and spray gun. It is processed after it diluted at certain rates. There are different color alternatives.
It is has baking temperature between 550 - 600 degrees.